About FS&FB

About FS&FB

For Sisters and For Brothers Organization

Founded in 1979, Washington, DC  (U.S.A.)  by Thurayyah Abdur Rahman and Parents working together to establish a Non-Profit Community Grass Roots, Inner City Foundation.

Parents supportive and united for a common cause, “Sisters and Brothers” interested in unity, spiritually integrated and solely dedicated to provide quality Education and Out-Reach Services to under-served neighborhood youth and families.

Over the past years, We have evolved into a new founded entity that includes the International Community as well.


Who We Are

For Sisters and For Bothers Inc. a nontraditional eleemosynary school for high school students provides tutoring, G.E.D. training and SAT preparation for college-bound students.

Thurayyah Abdur-Rahman, Founder, CEO began this journey in 1979, recognizing the importance and need to culturally keep families together with sisters and brothers attending the same school, starting at preschool to the 12th grade. Many Parents and Families were home schooling without the necessary educational background credentials, they wanted a small safe, loving environment welcoming to all family members without bias, discrimination and with professionals who could provide high quality education centered around values and morals. 


To establish local and community based affiliates to aid families by providing neighborhood training programs for the low-income and minority community with inclusive focus on youth needs.


We provide academic basic skills in education and functional technical skills in a real environment which include all family members.


Low income youth and parents.


Our goal is to improve family literacy, life skills, academics and sports through parent training and community involvement (establish collaboratives and partnerships to assist in the process).